Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thong Thong's Swimming Suit

Mummy has bought a swimming suit for Thong Thong during travel to Singapore. Actually there were many choices, but mummy has chosen the cheapest one - 50% discount. Nice is nice, but cheap one really not that good quality ler. Don't believe? Find out yourself. Tang Tang Tang Tang......

Before Thong Thong went into the swimming pool, the swimming suit still looked nice...

After Thong Thong went into the swimming pool, you see!!! Front look & side look of my lovely daughter... Really looked funny... Oppsss... Almost "chun kong zak sit"...

Even the swimming suit not doing well, Thong Thong still playing happily with Ah Yi... Ah Yi has also made different hair styles for Thong Thong...

Messy hair style - hip hop look... yo yo yo

"Liu Hai" hair style - good gal look

Thong Thong has also performed some funny actions... "I'm Super Gal."

Thong Thong was very very happy in her "OWN" swimming pool. However, when it was time for her to come up, she cried. She wanted continue playing, but Wai Po has forced her to come up...... Sorb!!! Sorb!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Honeydew - Yummy Yummy

Thong Thong likes eating. Normally I will give small piece by small piece. During my one month training in Singapore. She is very happy. She can have large portion of honeydew!!! The grandfather will give her large piece for every type of fruits, even Thong Thong cannot finish it. Then who will be the dustbin of the remaining fruits??? Wai Gung's & Ah Yi's stomach lor... Ah Yi sent mummy these photos through email. Funny to look at these pictures... Thong Thong seem like being tortured... Hahaha

Thong Thong: Wuah!!! Wuah!!! Wuah!!! What is this giant ler... Never seen before ler...

Thong Thong: Orh!!! Yummy Yummy!!! Good Good!!! (Thong Thong starts grasping it after she has got the real taste, scared Wai Gung will take away her honeydew)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Favourite Place To Go - Jusco

Jusco - A supermarket that I will go to buy family stock once a week with my hubby. For me, it's only a typical place to buy things. However, it's a great place for Thong Thong. She likes going there, not with her parents, but with her grandfather. Why??? Her parents will just go there, buy things & then go back home. Her grandfather will bring her to her favourites - escalator & "kuk kuk ma". The grandfather will prepare some 50 cents before going Jusco so that Thong Thong can ride on "kuk kuk ma" for few times. The grandfather will lead Thong Thong to the escalator - her most most most favourite. They will go up & down, up & down for many many times, just because Thong Thong likes it very very much. The grandmother & the mother sometimes wonder whether the people around there will laugh at them, it's really really funny to see that the "wai gung" & the "cucu" playing in this manner... Kakakaka...

You see!!! Ah Thong is so so so happy!!! It's on the way going towards the escalator!!!

Ah Thong: Wai Gung! Wai Gung! Show show face lah! Ah Yi is taking photo for us ler...

Wai Gung: Don't want lah.. U already "cheung sai keng tou".. I just hide behind U will do..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chinese Herbal Spa

Once a month, my mum will cook herbal tea for my Thong Thong. Drinking??? No lah... It's for bathing. Old old chinese people believe that it's good for baby to remove the rash. One Saturday, I brought Thong Thong back to my mum's house. As usual, she has got the treat of Chinese Herbal Spa. Normally she likes bathing. However, whenever she is bathing in the herbal tea, she seem like "gong gong". Sometimes she will try to get out from the herbal tea. I have to sing the song "xi xua xua, xi xua xua, uh uh" to persuade her to continue with this mission... Hahaha

Thong Thong: Ai Yuh!!! What is this lah... Black colour one... Why not same as usual... Somemore got leaves inside ler... Huhhhhhh!!!
Ah Yi ("happily"): Ah Thong ar... Konica... Smileeeeeee!!!
Ah Thong ("gong gong"): Ah Yi ar... Very scarry ler... Help me!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Husband & Daughter

It's time to introduce my own family. My lovely husband, my lovely daughter & me. Initially, some of them asked me.. why ar.. he is 9 years elder than you ler.. he looked so cool & so serious.. can communicate meh.. In my mind, he is quite a good husband lah. He takes care most of the "daily operations" in the family so that I can focus on my "own" things. He is not cool at all (might be only to me), he will make some funny jokes to make me laugh. He will compromise my bad temper. Communications... No problem at all.. I'm so happy I have married with him...

My daughter, Thong Thong now already 1 year & 3 months old. She is quite naughty, bad temper & "small gassss", but she likes playing. Her father said her characteristics exactly like the mother... YES, IT'S ME... She looked like who??? If she is cool or smiles, she looked like me [1st photo]. But if she laugh, then she looked exactly like her father [2nd photo].

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Happy Family

Today I would like to introduce one of my happy families to my friends. My family consists of father, mother, 2 younger sisters, younger brother & me. They all are really really funny, even in tough situations, they all still playing around. Proof??? Haha... See the pictures below. My mother has got insect bite & swelled like giant, but my sister is still very busy around to ask my mother be the model... hahaha.... pity my mother has to post in different styles......

The two extra hands are from my 2 younger sisters lor... Today I only will let you all to see their hands. However, "cou fu zong sui you kin ga wung", will let them to come out to show show face next time lah.......... lalalalala... so happy....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Blog for My Ah Thong

Ah Thong ar, actually mummy created this blog is mainly for you ler, even though the name of the blog is "Hor Sin & Family". Although Ah Thong Thong already 15 months, I will start with your new born photos first. This is the photo taken during mummy's confinement period. Many uncles & aunties from mummy's company come to visit Thong Thong ler. But Ah Thong not much corporate lor, keep on making noise. Nevermind lah, mummy still love you.